When we speak of Asset IT Management, that could also be used to mean IT asset management
as well, which is concerned about how software (and its associated hardware) are employed
in the business use of IT within strategic decision making processes and the entire life
cycle management environment.

This definition encompasses inventory, contractual and financial business functions within
the life cycle process itself.

Asset IT Management software could then fall under the jurisdiction of the sub-category of
Software Asset Management. This is inclusive of concerns like legal stipulations as set out
in the Sarbenes-Oxley compliance rules, and copyright law. Management of software licensing,
configuration management, images standardization, and following regulatory limitations also
fall under the jurisdiction of Software Asset Management.

An organization has to follow legal stipulations as to how they can use software as
determined by compliance companies. Software is dubbed an entitlement under Software Asset
Management, meaning the implementing organization has to confirm if it is entitled to use
that software by the owner.

Knowing these, we realize that IT asset management will determine how accountable the
organization is about management of IT assets throughout the programmed life cycle. In
specific terms, the organization has to assure that it has met pre-set related objectives
with regards to IT Governance, control, cost, and risk, as well as compliance and business

For this to be doable, the organization has to adhere to a proactive and holistic
perspective for accomplishing what it set out to do.

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