The good thing about The Open Group Architecture Framework or TOGAF is that it is a free-for-all architectural framework.  No matter what type of business organization it is that you have, you can easily utilize the previously and newly-released versions of TOGAF to implement a more efficient Information Technology or IT operation for your company. 

Just like Cisco, CompTIA, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle and Novell – TOGAF which is released by The Open Group has its own version of TOGAF certification.  So how can an IT architect or any individual interested in TOGAF obtain a certification?

First, you need to learn why a TOGAF 8 certification is important.  IT professionals and business owners say that TOGAF is important for the simple fact that it is an essential aspect of running a business. One of the primary advantages of TOGAF is that it is a separate entity on its own – so the principles of utilizing TOGAF do not contrast your existing business framework.

TOGAF 8 certifications can be obtained both by IT professionals and by the business organizations.  If you are an IT architect, for example, you can either attend a complete TOGAF training course or attend an examination test.

On the other hand, business organizations can request for their tools, services and training courses to be TOGAF certified. Remember that TOGAF certifications last for up to 24 months only.  You can visit the website for details on how the TOGAF 8 certification can be renewed.

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