In the world of telecommunications and Information Technology, Configuration Management has a key role to play in assuring that present and potential changes in an automated information system are handled properly  even to the end of the known lifespan of the system.

The company known as Oracle is now celebrating its 30th year of existence since it was founded by Larry Ellison based on the discipline of relational database management system (also called RDBMS.) Nowadays, Oracle is a global leader in database management and enterprise applications.

Oracle is currently offering its Oracle Insight Program to key clients. This Program aims to assist business-oriented customers who want to know how they can rely on technology to pursue their business goals and objectives. The emphasis of this Program is the ability of Oracle to create technology-based solutions that are customized to the needs of its clients.

Oracle will work hand-in-glove with the business decision-makers to find out how technology can be used to create or find value for the business. The Oracle Program team will then recommend which best practices and/or solutions are most applicable for this purpose.

This is where Configuration Management comes in, since this discipline covers automated information systems in general. Any changes (present or future) in the automated information system that Oracle creates especially for that customer will be managed appropriately so that the best possible results are produced for that client.

At present, Oracle claims to have provided the Program services to over 600 clients who come from a diverse array of occupations, including retail, financial services, industrial manufacturing, life sciences and high technology.

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