When the version 1.5 of Worpdress software has hit the market, the capability of the software to layout and design a web log has expanded.  With WordPress, the way you can layout your web log site has become a lot easier and simplified.  You can virtually change the over all look of your web log site in just a snap.  However, this is only made possible if you use the cascading style sheet of worpdress.  

CSS or cascading style sheet allows any user to store colors, designs, and layout information away from your HTML frame.  This is basically done to make sure that there is a precise control over the website design, loads up the page faster and speedier, and easy to update.  

The Cascading Style Sheet is one of the major components used by WordPress to develop themes and designs along with the template files and tags.  Template files are the simple mechanisms (usually a combination of varied files) that come together to build a site.  The template tags on the other hand, are the codes (commands) that instruct WordPress for any requests to be made within the WordPress database.  And the component that glues all these is the Cascading style sheet or the CSS.  Each template file on a site has extended markup tags and CSS reference that are enclosed on your template tags and web content.  

WordPress cannot do away with CSS because it is the main building block that allows for the easy layout and design to be made.

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