Construction managers are professionals who study the management and technological aspects of residential and commercial construction projects. They may apply management techniques in the areas of planning, design and construction of a project. This gives them control over time and cost without compromising the quality of the construction project. There are three main areas in Construction Management Training and these are: construction science, construction management and business ( referring to legal issues relating to construction management field). These three are essential for a student to learn so that he can have a well-rounded construction management training. A student could then pursue careers involving construction safety, construction estimating, and construction project management or building code compliance. Construction management training is available in both traditional classroom and online learning mode. You may choose either one depending on which can suit your schedule. Online training is the best alternative for people who are currently employed, or who have family and other commitments. With this type of training, the student will have access to his training 24/7, whether at home or at work or even in the car on the way to fulfill a commitment. A skilled online instructor should be available to answer questions and be there to personally assist and guide the student through his work so that he progresses. The online program usually consists of six or twelve one-week modules. Lessons and information are posted by an instructor who then facilitates discussions and assigns projects to students for completion. Although the time for online training is kept flexible for students, they are still required to meet deadlines for assignments and exams.

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