The Standard Requirements Self Assessment comes in a book format when you purchased the Self Assessment at your favourite book store, or as a PDF document when you’ve purchased the Self Assessment directly from our online store. Irrespective of your place of purchase, it is important that you also request access to the accompanying resources. The Standard Requirements Self Assessment works best when you use the book and the Excel Spreadsheet together.

When you purchase the Standard requirement Self Assessment you receive a portfolio of tools:

  1. Your book with all the questions
  2. The second component to the Self Assessment is an Excel spreadsheet 
  3. The third component is a series of specific implementation resources 

In addition you also receive a PDF and an Excel spreadsheet with a pre-filled example to guide you through the process of completing the Standard Requirement Self Assessments.

Availability Management Self Assessment

Sample content of Standard Requirements Self Assessment Guide for Availability Management


While you can do the Self Assessment with the book alone by entering your personal answers in the column in front of the questions, if you want to make this assessment more of a team effort you will need to use the Excel Spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet is set up for teams up to 10 participants. Each of the participants has a column for their answers.

The additional value of the Spreadsheet is that the tool uses the answers from all participants and turns it into graphs and overviews that help you make decisions on the gaps and areas of improvement.

Pro Tip: while the questions in the book are identical to the questions in the spreadsheet there may be a discrepancy in the order in which the questions are listed. Don’t worry about this too much as the questions are exactly the same, use the ctrl-F or command-F function when you need to search for a specific question in the spreadsheet.

Unsure about how to use the Self Assessment in your specific situation? Feel free to contact us for additional support and to answer any of your questions.

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