SaaS Platform Security Management

How do you manage your users SaaS accounts and access?

Through understanding and involvement in governing the policies to automate the creation, management and certification of user accounts, roles and access rights for individual users in the organization.

Should it be SaaS, PaaS or IaaS?

Review and audit end user accounts, permissions and access rights.

What business priorities and objectives are you aiming to support with SaaS?

Balance understanding and need for business priorities with emerging threats, incident handling standard methodologies and effective use of risk mitigation strategies to appropriately protect company information assets.

Do you have any particular issues/concerns/challenges with using SaaS applications?

Ensure you build an end-to-end IoT solution from sensors to cloud-based Big Data and web-based applications with the big mission of helping your (internal) customers meet their sustainability challenges while saving both money and time.

What are the major risks associated with SaaS renewal sales through partners?

Support sales in all aspects of the SaaS renewal process internally and with the customer.

What are special characteristics of a SaaS deployment project?

Participate in projects, system upgrades, system enhancements, and hardware deployment utilizing Partners standard project lifecycle tools and activities.

Is the saas solution multilingual?

Warrant that your organization works with IT Leads on coordination of RFP/RFI process for projects with priority and works closely with the stakeholders to execute effective selection of delivery and solutions partners.

What percentage of your partners see the accounts you have targeted for your SaaS offer?

Ensure you are able to create leads from your own prospecting efforts, leveraging your contacts and existing accounts and partners.

Does the saas solution support exemptions from service wide updates for individual organizations?

Represent Internal Audit during internal projects, management meetings and when working with external organizations.

What are your organizations long term SaaS plans?

Confirm that your staff is evaluating and analyzing agency-wide programs, functions, and organizations to determine whether the management systems in current use efficiently accomplish the objectives sought, and whether they provide the controls necessary for sound management.

What are the benefits of a SaaS Management Platform?

Verify that your staff contributes to cross functional strategic planning and assesses risk and benefits of forecasts.

Can the SaaS provider respond to periods of peak load?

Make headway so that your process assists with the automation of data management and scanning operations to expedite workflow during peak processing periods.

Is the software application under consideration delivered by a SaaS model?

Define frameworks, operating model and organizational change considerations for data governance and management in support of new and existing data capabilities.

What existing software products are you moving into SaaS delivery?

Make sure the VP of Digital is responsible for the strategy, development and delivery of digital business transformation and technology.

What is open-source software, and software as a service (SaaS)?

Operate as the liaison between the functional and technical resources and participate in the agile software development process for the creation of system functionality; including upgrades, system modifications, day-to-day problem analysis, and issue tracking to enhance your integration.

How long will it take your organization to complete the transition to a SaaS model?

Operationalize your organizations overall growth by supporting and collaborating with the business development function to drive new (internal) customer acquisition and lead generation activities.

Is the disaster recovery plan for the SaaS system appropriate?

Establish that your process leads departments in creation of disaster recovery plans for critical systems and activities.

What specific saas data can be backed up?

Develop experience executing data backed analysis as rationale for decision making.

Which services are IaaS, which are SaaS, and which are PaaS?

Work closely with the infrastructure teams to create a physical environment to support data services.

How easily do you support your SaaS business applications?

Design relational databases to support business enterprise applications and physical data modeling according to project requirements for data acquisition and security as well as subsidiary-defined deliverables.

Can it determine if and when super admins are added to or removed from each SaaS application?

Safeguard that your team is assessing IT security policies, procedures, and controls of your (internal) clients business applications, networks, operating systems, and other components of the technology infrastructure.

Does the SaaS solution have any restrictions for certain object types?

Develop data driven solutions for media measurement and targeting, while taking into consideration existing data challenges and restrictions.

What are the initial number of mobile devices and/or users that need support in the SaaS solution?

Work with management, strategic planning and analysis staff, and end users to create and manage complex workflow rules, data validations and other solutions.

What were your business challenges and reasons for moving to a SaaS solution?

Interface so that your workforce is pertaining to test reports and interpretation of testing data, advising (internal) clients regarding possible reasons for pass/fail results, and offering resolutions where practical.

Can users easily get data out of the vendors SaaS solution?

Engage with vendors for demos, tuning, and troubleshooting application issues, provide technical advice and support to end users, and integrate enterprise applications to fit the needs of the organization.

Is the sale of SaaS the sale of an enumerated service?

Make headway so that your design manages a team of account managers and (internal) client service associates to ensure high (internal) customer satisfaction and profitable persistency.

What happens if the SaaS provider goes out of business?

Lead and manage IT activities required to meet service level agreements, including planning, prioritizing, and monitoring the tasks for support service providers.

Do you support a SaaS/cloud ready model?

Secure that your group learn and keep abreast of the latest technical developments in the application/product security and cloud security spaces.

Does your on-premises client management platform support integration with SaaS solution?

Lead integration and data migration architecture and solution overview based on high level requirements and align on scope with various (internal) client stakeholders.

How do you collect and analyze SaaS security logs?

Provide forensic analysis of network packet captures, DNS, proxy, malware, host based security and application logs, as well as logs from various types of security sensors.

How is the move to SaaS impacting the markets growth?

Establish that your process is responsible for growth in existing franchise markets and entry into new and underdeveloped markets.

What privacy aspects are relevant to SaaS?

Participate in and advise on privacy and data protection issues and regional strategic initiatives that involve aspects relating to privacy compliance and data protection requirements.

Which project teams or departments could use SaaS tools to make better, more informed decisions?

Liaison so that your team provides data visibility, reports, and tools to executive and business to make better informed decisions.

Does the solution support IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS?

Liaison so that your company creates specifications, instructions, or technical manual to provide description and proper usage of software or data gathering tools.

What type of general support should you expect working with your SaaS?

Make headway so that your organization is involved in all DevSecOps Tool Types including SAST, DAST, IAST, Feature Flag Tools, Threat Modeling, Fuzzing, etc.

Do you connect to a variety of SaaS applications?

Verify that your organization is inspecting network traffic for non authorized activity or any form of network exploitation and compromise using a variety of network security sensor applications.

What happens if the SaaS vendor system is unavailable due to system or network outages?

Develop experience working with external vendors (software and systems integration) in the contracting of SOWs, and holding the external vendors accountable to delivery expectations and contractual obligations.

Is there something holding back the market for SaaS based ERP?

Interface so that your organization is understanding and background of brand communication and digital marketing.

Does the customer have any control on applying patches, upgrades and changes to the SaaS app?

Ensure you ensure that network devices are tested, implemented, and maintained via upgrades, patches, and updates with appropriate security controls.

Can the saas vendor meet requirements?

Collaborate with members of your engineering team during the design phase of new product development to understanding specific systems requirements and provide guidance related to cyber security best practices.

What project management SaaS tool do you use?

Ensure strong project management and organizational skills.

What are best practices for implementing software as a service (SaaS) for procurement solutions?

Research hardware and software solutions to implement inventory scanning capabilities for: inventory audits, receipts, shipments and procurements.

Does the SaaS solution support exemptions from service-wide updates for individual organizations?

Through the utilization of design thinking and strong collaboration across organizations, the Digital Solutions team accelerates innovation to deliver insights and automation that increase revenue, reduce costs or enhance controls.

Is your organization interested in an on-premise or SaaS deployment?

While your legacy has been providing on premises software, your organization is also embracing the opportunities presented by cloud services and taking advantage of them.

Where do the failures in the SaaS business model realization originate from?

Provide support in the development of a organization agencies emergency management and business recovery plans; perform functions pertaining to the agencies business risk assessments; review and develop business recovery strategies; draft procedures for identifying failures and invoking contingency plans; create response procedures and identifying communications channels; communicate with various response teams during testing and actual execution of recovery procedures.

What happens to your content if the SaaS vendor goes out of business?

Verify that your organization analyzes data provided by external organization and in Vendor Central and makes business recommendations based on findings.

Are your partners ready for SaaS renewals?

Verify that your design partners with internal and external business partners to establish and execute a single strategically-integrated operational business plan that maximizes performance, net revenue and assures engagement and compliance.

What will be the cost of leaving or switching SaaS vendors?

Support the resolution of contractual and interpretive differences between vendors and business units.

Does past performance apply to a saas cmms solution or does it apply to a cmms type solution?

Ensure your design partners with other areas in designing and delivering learning and performance improvement solutions.

Should all types of information be stored on SaaS applications?

Assess multiple data types and various IT systems and architectures, and identify how major systems and applications interconnect and apply defense your organization needs in depth security best practices.

When was your SaaS product first offered?

Call types include Change order, General Inquiry, Order Status, Product Availability, Service Complaint, and Technical Service.

Have you architected a security solution that involved SaaS components?

Liaison so that your team coordinates with other managers to integrate Information Security project components with other projects including application development, network, server, and mainframe.

What is needed for a SaaS solution to be secure?

Ensure strong background in designing and developing IT solutions for manufacturing/assembly automation with IoT components, leveraging Azure IoT platform.

How successful has SaaS BI been?

Function tests systems components to identify and resolve technical problems, analyze system malfunctions, implement necessary corrective actions, and provide ongoing support for the resolution of complex problems and operating malfunctions.

Is the SaaS access control fine grained and can it be customised to your organizations policy?

Develop policy based approaches to managing the evolution of your organizations data throughout its life cycle from first contact and access to archival and destruction.

Should you focus on self service or sales supported SaaS?

Establish self as the design owner with the Services Delivery Leadership team.

What is the link between SaaS user experience and customer success?

Vehicle Engineering Manager to define product visions, strategies and be the link between your cross functional teams engineering, operations, business development, marketing, (internal) customer success, etc.

Will you consider a Cloud or SaaS solution?

Integrate with non cloud technologies and third party vendor products/services.

How will your SaaS platform enable you to increase ROI from the performance channel?

Lead business value analysis activities, including capture of key performance indicators, operational metrics, and create forecasted financial models (ROI, TCO, etc).

Is saas safe for financial governance, risk and compliance solutions?

Lead projects and/or activities that ensure compliance with applicable overarching, state and local laws and regulations.

How do cloud and SaaS solutions stack up against on premise solutions?

Represent the Cloud solutions team at an Enterprise Architecture level.

Will you be using IaaS/PaaS applications in addition to SaaS?

Assume access control responsibility for addition enterprise applications as they are migrated under the control of the access management team.

Is the SaaS access control fine grained and can it be customized to your organizations policy?

Follow formal change and configuration management practices, ingrained into the daily operations, to ensure changes and configuration control implementations are properly documented and approved.