How do you see the CMDB being populated?

Make sure the Data Manager defines the data and analytics strategy and all aspects of data governance, including developing the overall data architecture strategy and creating and maintaining standards and best practices for data provisioning and data integration.

Are the products and services recorded in a CMDB?

To ensure the new technologies, products and services are introduced and integrated into the operation and business.

Do cms/CMDB modification issues exist?

Use matrices and standard procedures to categorize issues impacting Infrastructure and Application availability.

Does the tool integrate with the CMDB to gather or validate required information for Release builds and deployment activities?

Assure your personnel collaborates with User Services and Enterprise Systems on best practices for information security assurance in operational and project activities.

How does itil relate to the CMDB?

Make sure the Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) Process and Platform Lead is responsible for designing, managing, and reporting on the core IT processes, such as Incident, Problem, Change, Knowledge, Service Catalog, Service Portal, CMDB, Service Mapping, Service Catalog etc.

How many applications are in CMDB scope?

Certify your staff Formulates/defines training system scope and objectives for identified applications/programs requiring build and development.

Does the tool facilitate links with the CMDB to enable the updating of Problem records with Configuration information?

Invest in the oversight and daily maintenance of risk analytics; assessing the importance of any given request or problem, the flow of information surrounding the item, and working on a proper resolution.

Do new cms/CMDB addition issues exist?

Be sure your personnel provides (internal) customer service by responding to and resolving (internal) customer questions and issues; referring internal/external (internal) customers to appropriate department for issue resolution; educating internal and external (internal) customers on resolution protocol; preparing and providing data for (internal) customers; communicating with internal and external (internal) customers to retrieve and request additional documentation; and updating management team about significant (internal) customer issues.

Do you benefit from training customized for your specific CMDB implementation?

Promote and champion the benefits of Incident, Problem, Change, Request, Knowledge Management, CMDB, and other IT Service Management processes.

Does the tool facilitate role based access to the CMDB for read, write, and modify activities?

Cascade from data strategy into data governance to promote data access, quality, and analytical capability.

Do you need the tool to automatically save changes to the CMDB?

Work with users to optimize the utilization of software tools and applications.

Have you recently validated or updated the CMDBs inventories?

Interface so that your process is creating complete inventories of (internal) client content using automated tools in combination with manual collection.

Which systems are in scope for integrating into the solution to populate the CMDB?

Scope, create and deliver technical presentations and product demonstrations focusing on detailed feature capabilities and highlighting the business value of the solution to (internal) customers.

What is your current use of CMDB?

Keep CMDB up to date for the business processes and applications in scope.

Who is currently responsible for the data in your CMDB?

Certify your company is performing configuration audits to ensure physical inventory is consistent with the configuration management database (CMDB)/CMS, initiating corrective action through Change Control.

What metrics does the dashboard track to assess CMDB health?

Collaborate with the client on the daily reporting metrics, including any custom data points not readily available via your standard dashboards.

Does the tool interface with the CMDB to gather required information for Release builds, distributions and implementations?

Collaborate with Corporate HR, HR Directors, HR Analytics, HR Centers of Excellence, Information Services, HR Process Delivery and key end users to clearly define requirements to facilitate system enhancements to existing technology and new system implementations.

How do you populate and update data in your CMDB, ensure data quality, and manage the overall lifecycle of CIs?

Assure your company performs data analysis to identify patterns, trends, or systemic issues so that they can be addressed to prevent recurrence in the context of continual improvement efforts to ensure a robust Quality System.

Does the tool facilitate secure and controlled access to the CMDB to navigate, modify, and extract Problem Management related information?

Recognize and track trends with (internal) customer issues, evaluate and suggest process improvements for Product order management and your partners.

What will your CMDB design include?

Collaborate with the project design build team in support of multiple, concurrent configuration baselines in line with the CMDB roadmaps.

Does the tool support accessing data from a CMDB via an interface?

Manage inventory of CIs and assets, including dependencies and attributes, making sure that modifications, withdrawals, and additions of existing ones are correctly recorded by the teams in charge in the tools to ensure that the vendor contracts are compliance.

Is there a tool currently being utilized for the CMDB?

Safeguard that your operation ensures Service Asset and Configuration Management (SACM) processes and Configuration Management Database (CMDB) effectiveness, facilitates change management process and tool design, and drives the identification of Critical Success Factors and KPIs to measure ITSM improvement.

How do you validate the data held within the CMDB?

Manage and maintain system wide data for reporting.

What processes are you looking to implement first using a CMDB?

Design, implement, and evolve strategically designed processes and procedures to ensure stakeholders are validating the CMDB data.

How do you see the CMDB relating to the other ITIL processes from a tool perspective?

Take the lead over any initiative from the Business Intelligence/Reporting perspective including the analysis, development and implementation of processes and protocols.

Can smart reporting handle federated data for the cmdb?

This include linking the Change Management process to the CMDB with the configuration item (CI) and validating the discovery process for better impact.

How do you use the dashboard to improve CMDB health?

Ensure your operation is building and maintaining an updated knowledge base, scheduled and ad hoc reporting, dashboard visibility supporting CMDB upkeep.

Is your CMDB a trusted source of information?

Manage CMDB health to support Assets and Configuration and CI relationships, as coming from discovered sources, manual sources from like relationship data from network team.

What if you need to register information in your CMDB about the purpose of an item?

Mobilize conduct infrastructure and technology operations risk assessments and develop risk register items for management review and remediation on a risk priority basis.

What is the proximity of the data set to the CMDB and connecting technology?

Targeted product recommendations, proximity marketing, reviews, etc.

How is the casual CMDB user going to interact with it?

Be certain that your company designs CMDB application architecture, including Discovery, and required access for IT organizational users.

How do you do impact analysis now, without a CMDB?

Secure that your personnel executes data governance responsibilities related to data definitions, data discovery and data analysis for the commercial lines data.

What are the tools/manual methods that are you using to currently discover CMDB data?

Proficiency with data analytics, visualization tools, and collaboration tools.

How many non Discovery sources will be populating the CMDB in tandem with ServiceNow Discovery?

Make sure your design establishes service asset and configuration management processes and tools to input CIs, maintains CMDB to established quality standards, implements automation and discovery tools to ensure CI/CMDB quality.

What is the effect on your CMDB when an application moves from development to test and from test to production?

Participate in development activities include creation, configuration and customizations of application fields, form design, business rules, workflows, (internal) client scripts, user roles and groups, access controls, and more on the various system applications such as Incident, Problem, Change Service Catalog, Service Portal, Knowledge, (internal) customer Service Management, CMDB, Discovery, Event Management, Service Mapping, Hardware Asset Management, Demand, Resource, Project Portfolio, Test, Agile and Application Portfolio Management.

Who would be possibly owner and/or Point of Contact for CMDB design considerations?

Lead resolution considerations with application, database and operating system platform owners on the remediation vulnerabilities.

What existing management related resources do you have in support of your CMDB initiative?

Own strategic vendor partner relationships to execute roadmap initiatives, budgeting/invoicing and to ensure platform and contract compliance.

What can the data in a CMDB be used for?

Be sure your process is managing and maintaining databases and records of information as licenses, service agreements, and warranties for your organizations software and hardware.

What type of input and data is gathered and included in the CMDB?

Create and maintain an Inventory Database (CMDB) of equipment for which the team is responsible until time as a formal tool can be put in place.

How does the Service Catalog affect the CMDB?

Promote, champion, and drive adoption of the benefits of Incident, Problem, Change, Request, Demand, Service Catalogue, Service Level Management (SLM), Availability, Knowledge management, Event Monitoring, ITAM, CMDB and other IT Service Management processes.

What differentiates resource dependency service from ccmdb?

Manage complex (internal) customer situations, coordinating the actions of the Account Team, Services Teams, Partners Resources, and Engineering ensuring the (internal) customer and internal stakeholders have the information required to make decisions and to act in order to resolve (internal) customer issues quickly.

What enhancement on CMDB normalization and reconciliation and impact analysis?

Assess the impact of change, perform risk analysis to evaluate possible dangers related to implementation.

Is your CMDB data clean and accurate?

Validate contract data attributes to enable the creation or modification of warranty contracts and lease agreements.

How to create and maintain a CMDB?

Make sure your group is responsible for managing the protection of sensitive data and information assets while focusing on the adherence of an enterprise data governance framework for data policies, standards, and practices, at the department, business, and functional areas level.

Do you have a mechanism to assess your CMDBs health?

Gather and analyze data through quantitative and qualitative mechanisms to provide insight for decisions on critical strategic issues.

Why federate CMDBs and other repositories?

Design and implement scalable data repositories to integrate qualitative and quantitative research data Manage the delivery of high impact dashboards and data visualizations.

How do you manage configuration items in your CMDB?

Verify that your team is involved in Metadata and data attributes for configuration items Serial numbers, etc.

Which process or function makes the most important and most frequent substantive contribution to keeping the CMDB up to date?

Validated involvement in full QA life cycle of major SW products.

Can the tool be integrated with other IT Management applications as a CMDB or an ITAM tool designed for managing on premises deployments?

Understand how to work with data analysis tools and leverage reporting and data analysis that molds the way user experiences are designed.

What is the main difference between a CMDB Configuration Management Database and a typical asset register?

Relationship management skills, leading with a diverse set of people, high integrity, able to handle cultural differences.

How do you judge the value of CMDB / CMS?

Present service performance metrics data in a way which is understandable, actionable and adds value.

Does the tool facilitate identification and monitoring of Configuration Items within the CMDB?

Enhance existing and implement new tools to integrate with continuous delivery of systems and reporting.

How does a combined EA/CMDB solution respond to ongoing infrastructure changes?

Collaborate with the Service Management Solution team and architect lead to evolve the CMDB model for emerging technologies and future initiatives.

Will ucmdb replace service manager configuration management in the future?

Integrate the CMMS with other information systems to support asset management, CIP, and (internal) customer service goals.

Do you expect to record license information in the CMDB?

Maintain proper information/documentation and records for both internal and external audits.

What level of information from asset discovery and application mapping is to be kept in the CMDB?

Asset Management Technicians require extensive involvement with gathering detailed hardware and software inventory information to develop and maintain an effective asset management program.

Who and when updated the CMDB with the new information?

Establish that your process is responsible for providing strategic technology consulting level support and guidance throughout key business initiatives and communicate decisions, priorities, requirements, and business-provided information regarding service requests, projects, and initiatives to relevant parties.

What type of information is stored in a CMDB?

Program in PL/SQL to develop interfaces, extensions and extracts and create packages, stored procedures, record types and triggers.

How many assets do you have how accurate is your CMDB?

Safeguard that your team is identifying opportunities to fully utilize unused or partially used IT hardware and software assets.

Which component is integrated with the CMDB and Change Management?

Facilitate risk assessment considerations regarding strategic, financial, operational, and compliance components in the context of the CEOs Enterprise Risk Management initiative.

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