How do you use automation to accelerate the speed and ease of deployment for your CMDB?

Drive improvements to cost, quality, speed and HUE by leveraging automation, consolidation and standardization and footprint optimization.

What are your defined metrics for evaluating CMDB success?

Make sure your workforce develops diversity, equity and inclusion goals along with developing metrics for measuring success.

Does the tool facilitate links with the CMDB to enable the updating of Problem records with Configuration information?

Provide analysis of performance data, problem reports, and trend information to identify potential performance improvements.

What is the main difference between a CMDB Configuration Management Database and a typical asset register?

Ensure the integration and support of the Configuration Management process to the other ITIL processes as Incident, Problem, Change, Release.

How do you use the dashboard to improve CMDB health?

Work with end users, stakeholders, and management to define and create reports, dashboards, and data analysis products.

What itsm software is your existing cmdb built in?

Coordination with procurement for repair and maintenance of equipment and renewal of Software Licenses.

How does a traditional it CMDB compare to a data center CMDB?

Warrant that your design improve IT service management processes including incident, problem, change, capacity, asset management and configuration management database (CMDB).

What does CMDB stand for & what is it used for?

This include linking the Change Management process to the CMDB with the configuration item (CI) and validating the discovery process for better impact analysis and notifications.

How does the Service Catalog affect the CMDB?

Maintain the ITSM catalog of supported compute and storage capabilities.

How confident are you in your CMDB?

Promote, champion, and drive adoption of the benefits of Incident, Problem, Change, Request, Demand, Service Catalogue, Service Level Management (SLM), Availability, Knowledge management, Event Monitoring, ITAM, CMDB and other IT Service Management processes.

What is a CMDB, and why is it an important component of IM/IT service support?

Make sure the ITAM/CMDB Product Manager is responsible for processes associated with the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) and IT Hardware Asset Management.

Do you have incomplete, incorrect, or missing data in your CMDB?

Support the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) for applications and the management of all related functionality.

Does the tool integrate with Configuration Management Systems or CMDBs to enable the Service Desk to identify, investigate and diagnose incidents?

Do participate in on call rotation in response to security incidents outside of normal business hours.

Which areas are priorities for your organizations CMDB initiative and why?

In collaboration with Investor Relations/Corporate Communications, create and implement communication strategies to publicize your organizations ESG efforts and promote broad awareness of sustainability initiatives, both internally and externally with priority.

When should you focus on the CMDB?

Make sure your group is responsible for managing the protection of sensitive data and information assets while focusing on the adherence of an enterprise data governance framework for data policies, standards, and practices, at the department, business, and functional areas level.

Are you using a discovery tool to update the data in the CMDB?

Secure that your workforce evaluate existing tools and processes for temporary employee training and task management, and propose solutions to invent and simplify for efficiency and high quality.

Does the tool facilitate the integration and association of CMDB data with the Change Management records?

Manage implementation of asset tracking with the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) throughout the lifecycle, collaborating with finance team on integration tools to connect assets to financial records.

What enhancement on CMDB normalization and reconciliation and impact analysis?

Oversee that your operation plans, develops and analyzes additions, changes and enhancements to hardware and software; determines impact to existing systems, and local/wide area networks.

Why did the early asset databases fail to deliver the promise of the CMDB?

Safeguard that your strategy owns the process by which relationships are created and updated in the CMDB, as key IT and business services and applications to servers and databases.

What is the process for updating the CMDB data as well as the structure?

Maintain the configuration management database (CMDB) and related system documentation, implement approved changes to CMDB structure including attributes and relationships.

Does the tool support for accessing data from a CMDB by an interface?

Design and develop user interfaces to internet/intranet applications by setting expectations and features priorities throughout development life cycle; determining design methodologies and tool sets; completing programming using languages and software products; designing and conducting tests.

Do you have an existing production CMDB?

Ensure up-front planning, scheduling, and successfully deploying releases to production environment in a controlled and systematic way so as to meet service levels and avoid any impacts on existing services.

Does it integrate with existing CMDB, CMMS or ITSM solutions?

Write well designed, testable, efficient code to support varied and more complex IT solutions.

Which component is integrated with the CMDB and Change Management?

Identify the need to upgrade or enhance system component capabilities in response to data management, data linkages and data visualization.

How are CMDB enhancement requests going to be managed or how will requests to run an out of cycle report be handled?

Regularly reviews Service Desk requests, in detail, in order to ensure work is being performed as expected.

Are the project, portfolio, resource management and cmdb processes documented?

Safeguard that your group oversees and ensures development of project plans related to schedule, budget, scope and resources.

How do you use the CMDB health dashboard?

Develop experience using SQL, Tableau, Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence, Metrics Dashboards, Data Modeling, and Data Visualization tools.

What is the intent and reason for populating Active Directory data in CMDB?

Develop and implement effective and reasonable policies and practices to secure protected and sensitive data and ensure information security and compliance with relevant legislation and legal interpretation.

Do you expect to manage licenses through the CMDB?

Read and understand software licenses to ensure compliance; take corrective action if necessary.

Do you have an existing ServiceNow CMDB implementation?

Support the organization in the development and coordination of guidance and plans, to include operational mission needs, functional priorities, architecture considerations, implementation, and acceptance for assigned cmdb/ss applications.

What is a CMDB, and how does it work?

Create and maintain an Inventory Database (CMDB) of equipment for which the team is responsible until time as a formal tool can be put in place.

Does the CSP have a configuration management database (cmdb)?

Configuration Management including the definition, implementation and support of a Configuration Management Database (CMDB).

How comprehensive should you be when populating the CMDB?

Be sure your organization performs data analysis of CMDB at direction of configuration manager.

Why should you do an ROI for your CMDB project?

Collaborate with the project design build team in support of multiple, concurrent configuration baselines in line with the CMDB roadmaps.

Has institutional confidence in your CMDB hit an all time low?

External data licensing and internal analytics teams to access data faster with higher confidence, reducing time to market, creating additional revenue growth and reducing cost.

Is it true that the only data that you should put in the database is that which is in the CMS/CMDB?

Verify that your design has involvement creating, updating and maintaining CMDBs, Asset Management Databases and other asset/configuration management repositories in a complex IT environment.

What is a CMDB, what makes it active?

Implement and evolve a review of CMDB ownership of CIs with stakeholders with an on-going cadence.

Why have countless CMDB projects failed to deliver business value or a reasonable return on investment?

Other Pillar Leads and organizations to ensure clarity of cost reduction projects and value creation for customer.

What are the short-term and long-term CMDB requirements for your organization?

Be certain that your group is creating, reviewing, and updating CMDB requirements and processes with cross functional teams to ensure CMDB accuracy.

Do you provide any automation capabilities directly packaged with your CMDB?

Ensure your intelligent test automation with embedded AI based capabilities that accelerates testing across desktop, web, mobile, mainframe, composite and packaged enterprise grade apps.

What is your current level of knowledge and experience of CMDB implementation?

Generate system level views of (internal) customer experience workflows and identify product opportunities.

Is there a schedule of audit activity that is followed to check CMDB accuracy?

Make sure the capacity to accommodate a flexible schedule (for audits and security incidents) and work on a regular on call rotation.

What is your organization of your CMDB?

Work collaboratively across Business and Technology Services organization to evolve CMDB assets.

Is the CMDB populated appropriately?

Review the Record of Software Assets and CMDB for discrepancies and make updates if necessary.

Which areas has your organization seen monetary/business advantages from your CMDB System deployment?

Ensure you determine cost advantages of plans to comply with internal/external (internal) customers demands for reliable processes and systems and present them to the customer.

Do you use a data warehouse as a CMDB?

Augment the data governance capacity of the Data and Performance Management Unit to advance program establishment and success.

What are best practices for populating and maintaining a healthy CMDB?

Design and implementation of solution for maintaining CI data integrity across the CI lifecycle with due consideration to the ITSM process like Incident, Problem and Change.

Does the tool support accessing data from a CMDB via an interface?

Create automation to perform repetitive tasks, perform log analysis and report network statistics through information collected via the programmable interfaces embedded in network equipment and toolsets.

How long until a populated, production CMDB?

Advise business units on IT service direction, governance, and support, oversee strategic relationships in the business technology environment, identify opportunities and production enhancements to promote business self-sufficiency, and collaborate with business units on business strategy.

What analytics are targeted by the CMDB and supported out of the box?

Make sure the Data Manager defines the data and analytics strategy and all aspects of data governance, including developing the overall data architecture strategy and creating and maintaining standards and best practices for data provisioning and data integration.

Is the vendor expected to bring in and implement a CMDB for any portion of the engagement?

These processes include setting and enforcing permissions for other members to access portions of their data, creating and accessing data resources, identifying and approving responsible and ethical uses and users of the data resources, implementing formal data governance frameworks, and defining a common set of data standards and protocols.

Do new cms/CMDB addition issues exist?

Identify, recognize and analyze potential CMDB/Asset management process issues from current and historical data.

Is your organization implementing a CMDB or planning to?

Be certain that your company designs CMDB application architecture, including Discovery, and required access for IT organizational users.

What existing it systems should interface with the CMDB?

Warrant that your team is involved in integrating systems as CMDBs, ITSM tools, enterprise monitoring, etc.

Why is it important to maintain a healthy CMDB?

Be certain that your organization performs configuration audits to ensure physical inventory is consistent with the configuration management database (CMDB)/CMS, initiating corrective action through Change Control.

What business outcomes will your CMDB support?

As experts in both design thinking theory and product development, you collaborate closely with your (internal) clients to develop meaningful experiences that satisfy both end users and business outcomes.

What data goes into an ITIL CMDB?

Safeguard that your group is ensuring regular housekeeping of the asset database.

What other interests does the stakeholder have which may conflict with the CMDB?

Interface so that your strategy builds solid relationships with peers across your organization to drive collaboration and facilitate agreement among stakeholders with different interests.

What tools and capabilities does the CMDB have for creating, modifying and updating CMDB?

Develop automation tools for incident response, which includes automated containment and mitigation of threats, enhancing your detection and investigation capabilities with threat correlations and intelligence, and integrating situational awareness of system intrusions.

What policies and procedures apply to the CMDB?

Invest in defining, implementing and integrating configuration management policies and procedures to support the configuration management database (CMDB).

What are the roles of CMDB database schemas?

Certify your staff produces reports to monitor the health of the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) and Core Data compliance.

Do you maintain records of each device in a CMDB?

Provide thought leading and industry best practice research on modern and traditional endpoint management, unified endpoint management, mobile device management, incorporation of mobile and endpoint computing with enterprise digital workplace programs, among other related topics.

How do your stakeholders view your current CMDB system?

Support the site Validation Manager to implement and maintain corporate guidance, policies and procedures required for the automation systems and equipment such as update CMDB Inventory, implement IS Security controls, Data Integrity, Patch management, Virus protection, Rick assessments and mitigations.

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