How does ITIL help?

“For any IT organization to be successful, it must align itself to the industry it supports by offering optimal service at a minimal cost."

"ITIL® offers the exact framework required by our clients, regardless of their industry, outlining the common optimum processes for all IT processes and emphasizing on regular monitoring in the face of a  changing business environment”.

This observation is in line with the fast growing needs of any industry that needs a basic methodology or framework for consistent business ethics, processes and service, globally.

And this is where ITIL®, the IT Infrastructure Library comes into prominence. Not only does ITIL® determine and guide the IT best practices, it also offers a structure and method for processes and goals at the management level, allowing it to be termed as a ‘Framework’.

Any business that employs IT globally today, finds it advantageous to adopt and align itself to the ITIL® frame.  The ITIL® framework is available on a public domain and is essentially available in a series of books and information that provide guidance on the IT services and their quality provisions.

The ITIL® Framework was developed in the late 1980’s and since then has become the worldwide de facto standard in Service Management. Today, it forms the basis for any consultancy, education and training software tools.
ITIL® addresses eight principal business topics for the industry. These include: Service Support; Service Delivery; Security Management; Planning to Implement Service Management; ICT Infrastructure Management; Applications Management; Software Asset Management; The Business Perspective.
Despite providing a general methodology, ITIL® does not mandatorily guide day-to-day activities. This makes it flexible so that any industry can individualize and customize it to their context and corporate needs. At the same time, it promotes the use of best practices that can be uniformly adhered to by different businesses in line with their key objectives.

The convenience and ease of this framework of proven best practice allows organizations to use ITIL® with existing methods and activities in Service Management. Using ITIL® does not insist upon a radically changed way of action and thought. It only provides a framework as a structured content

Since the late 1990’s ITIL® has become a world de facto standard for Service Management.

Since its inception, the ITIL® framework has been available on the public domain, but is copy write protected. ITIL® guidelines have been used across industries including government bodies, central agencies, public utilities, infrastructure, retail, finance etc, making it easily accessible to both small and large units.

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