Google provides an AdWords learning center for its advertisers, Internet marketers, and everyone interested on the program.  It is a free service available for everyone and can be easily accessed on the Google website.  

The AdWords learning center has an easy interface which can be used even those without deep background on technical stuff.  The general topic areas are linked directly to the main resource page.  Learning therefore is just a click and read method.  

Google also organized its study materials quite well.  There are introductory topics which are designed for beginners and those with scant background on AdWords.  There are also advanced lessons that can be used by active AdWords users to further optimize their campaigns.  

The compositions of the lessons are also easy to understand.  The texts of the articles are simple and straight to the point.  All the topics are explained in good detail making learning quite easy.  

After studying the lessons, those using the service can test how they understood the topics on the AdWords learning center.  They can simply take the simple quizzes available on the main page of the AdWords learning center.  In this way, they will know their capabilities in conducting an effective AdWords campaign.  They can also determine if they have learned enough about Internet marketing.  

The Google AdWords learning center is a very important resource for those who want to improve their PPC campaigning skills.  It could provide valuable un-hyped tips in easy to understand terminologies.   This AdWords learning center could certainly help every newbie on Internet  marketing.  

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