According to expert estimates, there are only 100,000 ITIL® ®
professionals and consultants worldwide. Most of them are based in
Europe, Canada and Australia, but a rapidly growing number in the
United States. With the growing popularity of ITIL® ® among IT based
businesses fuelling the need for ITIL® ® awareness, many businesses are
looking to consultancy to provide guidance on ITIL® ® approaches and
implementation. Some are seeking ITIL® ® awareness and educational
courses to keep their employees up to date with the latest developments.

Many ITIL® ® providers are now offering courses for ITIL® ®. One of them
is The Art of Service, a leading global provider of ITIL® ® based
Service Management tools and services, The Art of Service is an
established and recognized industry leader in the services sector. “We
have helped over 20000 students in 33 countries worldwide obtain
certification in ITIL®. We offer ITIL® ® accredited educational courses
built around ITSM and ITIL® ® leading to certification.”

The Art of Service’s courses are practical, applicable to real world
situations, as well as informative, to prepare students for
examinations. The company offers them online, or in instructor led

In addition to training, The Art of Service provides high quality, cost
effective consultancy services as well. “We carry out feasibility
studies and assessments, helping businesses to identify the best tools
and approaches for ITIL® ® implementation. We also assist in providing
implementation plans, implementing new systems and after care.”

Many businesses appreciate this kind of professional help. They find it
practical because it eliminates otherwise time-consuming and expensive
tasks. Emereo’s clients find consultancy beneficial because it paves
the way for quicker service improvement and allows them to focus on
achieving their key business objectives.

 It makes for economic sense. Consultants like The Art of Service,
armed with wide ranging experience and in-depth ITIL® ® know-how, bring
in a planned approach, create ITIL® ® awareness among key staff, review
service models and quickly adapt new technologies for businesses. Using
expert specialists for assessment, perhaps the most important phase of
an ITIL® ® project, ensures businesses have access to latest
technologies using proven methods and identifies the best solution for
their needs. Leaving implementation to the experts, similarly benefits
businesses, allowing them to adopt a professional approach with minimum
disruption in services.

Certain studies, too, suggest that professional consultancy benefits
businesses in the long run. Businesses that use ITIL® ® consultants are
up and running at minimum cost in practically no time at all, while
those that don’t tend to end up with more hitches and downtime.

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