Website owners spend so much time, money and effort to optimize the site. They fill their sites with content. They give very useful and valuable information. In addition to that they also provide so many demonstrative images and many times they also place videos.

All of these are quite important to give value to the site. However, not all of them should be placed on the landing page. While it is important to provide enough information about the product and images help sell the products, placing so much images especially large and high resolution photos and graphics could lag the load time of the landing page.

Instead of facilitating sales, they would be detrimental to the site instead. One should take note that most visitors get to the landing page after making searches. This means that the landing pages of competing websites are at their disposal as well.  If the site takes long to load, they can simply click to the next site. The site loses potential sales even before it acquires another site visitor as a result.

So, the lesson is to keep the landing page informative and attractive. But one should make sure that there won’t be any element in it that would lag its loading time. The landing page should load very quickly. This way, potential customers won’t get impatient from waiting. They will be able to view and read the information contained on the landing page and the site will, in turn, be able to showcase what it has to offer.

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