Microsoft is a leader in the business area of IT Management Portfolio Technology, but now
it has upgraded this service by providing better security systems that can guarantee that
corporate clients have secure data. This is true for the Windows infrastructure, which is
commonly used by corporate clients nowadays.

For instance, Microsoft offers several server security solutions called Forefront Security
for SharePoint and the Forefront Security for Exchange Server that now are available in
version 10 formats. The products are now Microsoft brand-name IT products but were actually
created by other companies before Microsoft acquired them.

Microsoft relies on the foundation they created with their portfolio management business in
the past to formulate new security technology with an eye towards eventually integrating
both portfolio management and security systems as one seamless system.

Microsoft also bears in mind the customer comfort level when designing security products so
that the IT Management staff who carry out the functions of portfolio management and
security management will not find their work becoming more complicated but rather easier
due to user-friendly products such as those provided by Microsoft.

How does Microsoft know its efforts are headed in the right direction? First, if customers
are satisfied with the level of performance they derive from their IT Management tools so
that they get maximum returns from its usage. And second, if the customers are ready in the
near-future to purchase more of the Microsoft IT Management Portfolio Technology Security
products that the company is now trying to create.

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