In today’s industry, project management plays a great part in organizing and handling the
resources of people. This enables people to finish the requirements within the definite
period of time and executing it with quality.

Microsoft project management software is a program that Microsoft developed to help
and project managers in creating and developing plans. This also enables managers in
assigning the tasks and monitors the progress. This software can also assist in managing
the budget and evaluating the workloads in the project.

The very first version started in 1987 and was named Microsoft Project for Windows
v1.0. Microsoft Project was considered to be the third application that is windows based.
After a few years in the market, WinPoj was considered to be the leading software in
project management.
This system in fact builds critical path schedules, even though the event chain
methodology and critical chain add-ons are also accessible. Aside form that this
application can identify the different groups and categories of users. These groups of
users can possess different access stages in views, data and other projects. Calendars,
tables, views and filters are essentially are put in the enterprise global that can be
accessed by all users.
The Microsoft project management application can create budget established on the
resource rates and assignment work. Microsoft project management is meant to manage
and aid the project managers to easily execute the project’s plans and methods. This
software will help your team in carrying out the goals and objectives of your company.


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