If there is one thing that is really confusing, that would be selecting for the most effective web analytics tool for your company. Most often finding the one that would help you extract the most usable information to improve your website performance is the choice. But then there are also some factors that you need to consider to make sure that it would be the best tool that would work for your company.

The selection process usually starts with getting into what you need. You need to asses which is important for your web analytics endeavors. You need to know what are the measurements that you need to know about your website – is it the email conversions, SEO marketing or tracking downloads from your site? You should also look into if you need real time reporting, reporting monthly or how often would you need these reports. Once you have defined what you needed then you can proceed with how much is your budget for this tool. Then you can also proceed with analyzing if your web site architecture if it could house the tool that you need for tracking your web measurements.

Another thing that you need to look into is the vendor support. Of course, since you are buying this tool, you need to make sure that if something happens and you would need technical support your vendor can assist you with it. Some vendors even conduct training for using the web analytics tool. Just make sure that when choosing the tool, you get want you need, it’s within your budget and you can get after sales support.

Impression is a carry over concept from traditional advertising whether in print or broadcast media.  Advertising impression means the number of times a medium has been exposed to the consumer.  So, if thousands of consumers have seen or heard an ad, then it is counted as a thousand impressions.  The concept is similar when applied on web analytics.  In this case however, page impression or an ad impression is the measure of user page views.

It is easier to measure web page impression than traditional advertising impression.  Web servers log page impressions so advertisers can accurately determine the number of people who were able to see or heard their ads.  By studying logfiles of web page impressions, website owners or web advertisers can determine the performance of their advertising materials.  

Page impression can also determine the popularity of a web page.  That’s because it can count every unique views.  In online advertising, website owners actually engage in programs called clicks per thousand impressions.  This means advertisers have to pay for every one thousand visitors that viewed their sites or online ads.  

It is important to monitor page impression because the data will indicate several website performance behaviors.  First, the number of page impression will show the effectiveness of landing pages.  These pages generate traffic for a website.  So, numerous page impressions mean the landing page is doing its job perfectly.  Page impression is also important in selling the popularity of a site.  A website with massive impressions would be more attractive to online advertisers.

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