Being part of a community and considered as part of a big family, every member should be secured and protected. It is an organizations way of caring for its members. The Microsoft protects its certified MCP with a Microsoft Certification member site.  The site is provided to skilled technology professionals who hold a Microsoft Certification.

The MCP member site is a secured site where you can found the following:

1.  A tool that allows a professional to create and
     download a custom credential logo 2.  The Official Microsoft Certification transcript 3.  The professional member contact preferences and
      profile 4.  The enrollment tool for Microsoft Certificate Trainer 5.  A welcome kit and certificate information for MCPs 6.  Informative articles and announcements to MCPs

The MCP is a secured site in the sense that not anyone can access the site if one will pry into a member’s account. One is required to log on to Windows Live ID as part of authentication technology.  Before one can enter the site is to associate your Passport Network identification with your Microsoft Certification credentials (your MCP ID or Microsoft Certification ID). This procedure is known as migration.  After which one can log on to the site using your windows live ID.   A professional is given a temporary access code that will be received in the email message from Microsoft. A misplaced or expired temporary access code maybe requested for a new code online from the first time logon page. You be able to provide the email address, as the new code would have to tally with the one you have used to register initially.

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