The Six Sigma method has been there for two decades already and it is still one of the tested methodologies used by more and more companies. This is because the advantages are outstanding. Not only will you get cost benefits but you will also know proper management. Many companies who have used the Six Sigma program have revealed that they had saved millions of dollars and still made their customers happy and satisfied.

On the other hand, some were not triumphant. This is due to some factors and that the methodology itself is not compatible to the projects they pursue. Some business critics continue to question it reliability and effectiveness but others just ignore it. It is very crucial to apply the Six Sigma method in the right manner. The failure may have been caused by misguidance or improper selection of the various tools. Moreover, teamwork and cooperation is a must to be able to come up with tangible results. The Six Sigma way requires perseverance and patience for it to work out. Six Sigma companies like

Motorola and GE have achieved outstanding results. The statistical tools eradicate the flaws and subject them to analysis. Proper emphasis is given to the weak points while the employees are trained to understand how Six Sigma works wonders. Moreover, some businesses hire consultants and experts on Six Sigma. With this, the work flow layout is greatly improved and the work space is maximized. Truly, it encompasses the other methods to achieve far better results.

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