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The advances in modern-day technology many times dictate how the client company should handle their customers so that customer service proceeds in the most efficient and fastest way.  The airline industry has no excuse not to join in this trend – and so the Call Center Airline Industry was born. Airlines were actually one of the first industries to avail of call center technology and services when these were created.

An airline call center supports the large and expanding travel industry. Airline industry is a highly capital-intensive business as worldwide travel was valued at US$3.1 trillion ten years ago (in 1997) and it is projected to grow to $7.1 trillion this 2007. The airline call center plays an important role in the prompt delivery of services in this scenario then. With a single number, a customer may call in and the call is then managed and acted upon by an agent who decides how best to provide customer service. One of the latest trends in the industry is the ticket-less travel and the electronic ticketing systems. This means reducing costs involved in regular documentation systems. Airline call centers are the companies that provide the missing link to these services.

The staff of an airline call center is made up of capable airline call center agents. An airline call center agent is not like your regular call center agent.  To work in an airline call center, one must possess considerable knowledge in geography inclusive of data about routes, gateways and time zones.  Likewise he must also know about airline sales and customer services, as well as the rest of the basic airline operations. He must be able to give suggestions and options to airline customers regarding their travel needs, while also issuing tickets to customers. Most of the time, the airline call center agent must be pro-active so that his employer gains a better edge in business.

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