Database servers are probably one of the more complicated aspects of Information Technology that require deep understanding and massive learning to do. The MCITP 70-443 examination category or the category about how to properly design a database server and its Infrastructure employing the MS Standard Query Language Server version 2005 is one of the considered highly complicated test categories in the Microsoft Certification Professional.  

Regardless on how people perceive the level of difficulty that is attached to this category, there are still some ways and means that one can use in order to ace this difficult portion of the MCITP.  You can actually enroll or get by a little help with some of the experts in the field in order to gain mastery on the area.  Or you can buy some tool guide kits provided by some of the previous examiners at a very low price.  Below are some of the areas that are highlighted in some of the tool guide kits that you can buy:

a.    Focus on the area where installation and configuration of the database servers are being studied.  This means that you need to acquire solid foundation on steps that concern configuring and installing the server software on the system.  
b.    Focus on how you can design file tables, record groups, and potentially create a powerful index for the physical database.  
c.    Focus on the mechanisms on how you can create and execute these created mechanisms to properly secure the server, the database, and the objects.

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