In itself, WordPress is already an optimized and well searched site.  However, making the work a lot easier involves a few things to do.  Below are some of the things that you can do to ensure that you achieve the right amount of traffic for your web log site:

a.    On your title, place the keywords at the beginning of it.  Usually search engines place greater weight on the first words that they encounter, which means that putting keywords at the beginning of title can most likely generate higher ranking for your site.
b.    Give your web log accurate and precise description.  Every category on your web log site (your posts and entries) should be given correct attributes.  This gives the entire web log site the capacity to rank better.
c.    Create good headings on your web log.  The heading tags from H1 to H6 should be properly used.  The name of the blog should always be used with an H1 tag and not other heading tags.  
d.    Do not overlook the speed of the blog to load.  Usually, search engines spider a blog which capacity to load is a lot faster.  This means that the faster the blog loads the better for search engines to spider it.  Installing a cached plugin contributes to a faster loading of the blog.  

Search engine optimization is one of the most critical elements in web logging.  It is important for you as a blogger to understand how search engines can greatly impact your web log.  It is by then that you can truly attain good traffic and better ranking.  

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