If you want to earn from your site, all you have to do is add some advertisements. Most WordPress themes have provisions for these ads. But then if you want to add them yourself then you just have to follow through this article.

You can actually add advertisements on your site by using different WordPress plugins. Adsense Manager can help you with this. It has been the most popular WordPress plugin. It helps in managing advertisements from Adsense, ShoppingAds, AdRoll, Adbrite, WidgetBucks, AdOpinion and a lot more. Another plugin that is easy to navigate is the All in One Adsense and YPN. All you have to do is insert your publisher ID and it would display your ads on every post that you create. It also allows you to pick the size and the color that you want for your WordPress ads.

You can also insert your advertisements in your post. In doing this method, you need to make sure that you are pasting the code in the code editor and not in the visual editor. If you paste it in the visual editor, the code will display as a text.

Another method that you can do to display advertisements is by inserting the code in your template. This is usually being used for site wide advertisements. There are a lot of themes for WordPress that could help you display your advertisements on the different parts of the blog. Just simply paste the code on the template to display these advertisements on your side bar, header or on the single posts on your site.

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