The MCITP: Data Administrator for SQL Server 2005 is a certification program of Microsoft designed for database server administrators.  It confirms that the individual is fully qualified to manage enterprise business solutions.

The role of data administrators is to install or configure Microsoft SQL Server and manage or maintain databases or multidimensional databases, user accounts, database availability, recovery, and reporting. Data administrators also design or implement security or server automation and monitor and troubleshoot SQL Server activity.  Mid-sized to large organizations hire the services of a MCITP Data Administrator.

To gain certification to the MCITP Data Administrator is to pass three exams as required by Microsoft.  One is MCTS prerequisite exam which deals on Microsoft SQL Server 2005 – Implementation and Maintenance and two Professional series exam which deals on Designing a Database Server Infrastructure by Using Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and Optimizing and Maintaining a Database Administration Solution by Using Microsoft SQL Server 2005.

You need to be a professional database administrators who optimize and maintain database solutions. You would need at least three years of experience in doing database work in the area of design, development, deployment, optimization, maintenance, or support.   

MCITP Data Administrator candidates have experience in using Microsoft SQL Server 2005.  They should be expert in the following areas:
1. Defining high-availability solutions
2. Automating the administrative tasks
3. Defining the security solutions
4. Monitoring and troubleshooting the database server
5. Designing and executing deployments
6. Defining the infrastructure  which includes the storage, hardware, and number of servers or instances

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