The Cisco Certified Internet Expert certification or CCIE is an internet certification that is becoming more and more popular. As the IT industry is expanding at an exponential rate, the demand for highly trained IT personnel is also increasing. Because of this, many multinational companies are on the lookout for competent and certified IT professionals and network engineers to look after their IT network. A person having a CCIE certification would be highly in demand for such corporations. This article will give an overview on how to become a CCIE expert.
Before anything else, a candidate must first choose what CCIE track or tracks to take. There are five basic tracks available, namely; (1) Routing and switching track, (2) security track, (3) service provider track, (4) storage networking track, and (5) voice track. After choosing which CCIE track to take, the candidate must then pass a two-hour multiple-choice written exam specifically designed for the chosen track. The passing rate for the exam is 70 percent out of 100 questions.
The next step in the CCIE certification process is for the candidate to pass the CCIE laboratory exam. This exam is also designed for the track that the candidate has chosen and would last for about 8 hours. The laboratory exam would ensure that the candidate has both the theoretical and the practical or applied knowledge of IT. Candidates who pass both the written exam and the laboratory exam are then given CCIE certified status for their chosen track.  Candidates may also hold multiple CCIE certifications for a number of tracks. In order to do this, the candidates must also pass both exams for each of the track applied for. 

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