What is ISC2? ISC2 (which was founded in 1989 stands for International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium Inc.) is a non-profit organization incorporated within the laws of Commonwealth of Massachusetts and in United States Internal Revenue Code. Thus, all certification holders are in good reputation and are considered as members of the ISC2.

ISC2 holds responsibility for maintaining the ISC2 CBK (which is responsible for collecting topics that are relevant to security professionals all around the world.) The ISC2 CBK is recognized as the Gold Standard for certifying all information security professionals in their field of work. Over 50,000 professionals in Information Security in 120 countries are certified by ISC2.

How is the ISC2 related to the CISSP, CAP and SSCP? The CISSP, CAP, and SSCP forms of accreditation are all members of ISC2 for the reason that these said members meet with ISC2 certification requirements. Those certification requirements include the submission of documented credentials related to professional education. Members of the SSCPs, CISSPs and CAPs who are in good standing are granted the rights to elect ISC2 directors, volunteer for different activities and committees, take part in the group annual meeting, and participate in a variety of gatherings.

The main benefit of holding ISC2 certification points as a member of an elite organization of professionals is that one gains immense knowledge incomparable to others within the information security technology. The ISC2 will serve as a guide and support to ISC2 certified members, by giving complimentary guides, seminars, awareness materials, and other resources. The AMF (or Annual Maintenance Fee) is required for an ISC2 individual to keep their certifications. The ISC2 election process happens in the second half of November every year. Any members of the ISC2 who are in good standing have the right to participate in the election and choose from the elected candidates every year.

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