Everyone is aware that a landing page is a very crucial element towards attaining a conversion rate that is impeccable and above reproach.  Of course, we all want to be assured that there is just a perfect method that you can rely to in order to gain the conversion that you want.  WordPress is one tool that anyone can use in order to create a landing page.  

Well, just so we have the common understanding, a landing page is the “small page” of the website that users actually get to encounter with as soon as the link embedded on the site has been clicked or pointed at.  This link then directs the potential client to wherever the web designer and owner have decided to bring the connecting page.  These landing pages are good tools to increase conversion rates for the website.

The extra ordinary features of the Wordress culminate the end in the long search for an instrument that can be used to build and construct an effective and dynamic landing page.  The WordPress has an integral plug-in feature for this landing page thing.  The plug-in of the WordPress works essentially by taking the string search provided by the “potential visitor” (usually from a varied sources of search engines) and the web page that they end up to will show search results of mixed relevant pages.  By so doing, the WordPress plug-in was successful in bringing the visitor potentially to a website where your landing page is located and strategically embedded.  WordPress version 1.3 has this plug-in and is not yet available in the earlier versions of the WordPress.  

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