On demand CRM solutions are hosted customer service applications.  These are web based solutions ideal for companies that cannot support on-site CRM deployments.  On demand CRM solutions are more cost efficient.  The cost of hosted service is certainly cheaper than maintaining an army of IT personnel handling CRM facilities.  On demand applications can also be deployed quickly, usually after signing up to the service and setting up the necessary data for customer relations management. 

There are many advantages offered by on-demand CRM deployments.  However, companies should still study their options and evaluate different service providers in order to get the full benefits of hosted CRM services.

First, companies should survey the market.  Different application service providers should be evaluated in order to get a full picture of different benefit packages.  Comparing several hosted CRM providers should be the first step when deploying CRM applications.

Second, companies should take advantage of trial periods.  Almost all on demand CRM providers offer evaluation period for their services.  This will allow companies to carefully select the right provider for their business.  They can also study the strengths and weaknesses of on demand CRM providers through the evaluation period. 

Finally, companies should always start small.  They could open just a few accounts with the CRM application provider and make a soft launch.  This is like piloting a solution.  After assessing the benefits of the on the demand CRM application and the quality of service of the provider, the number of accounts could be increased based on the current needs of the company.

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