There are five guidelines that companies can follow in choosing the best ERP technology provider.  These guidelines could save companies from lots of troubles and inconveniences borne out by implementation of ERP solution.

First, companies should look for ERP vendors that have strong financial background.  It would not be wise to get a service provider that has unstable corporate standing due to financial difficulties.  The ERP implementation could be jeopardized if the application vendor will be out of business in the near future.

Second, companies should look at the specific technological strengths of the ERP application.  A good ERP technology must make room for customization as well as increased functionalities in terms of business unit integration, web interface, mobile reporting, and support provision for remote access.

Third, excellent ERP technology vendors must have a wide a huge user base.  This means that the ERP vendor is trusted in the technology market.  This also means that common bugs in the software could have been resolved by previous users.

Fourth, the best ERP technology should have a wide range of modules that can be used by companies whenever their business operations grow.  This could mean that the ERP application will not need replacement and could keep up with the growth of companies.

Finally, the ERP technology provided by vendors must have easy interfaces and simple tools.  It is a known fact that trainings and skills development will cost a lot.  So ease of use will be critical in the choice of ERP technology.

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