Choosing the best ERP vendor could be a very difficult task for companies.  Thats because the ERP market has numerous applications vendors that offer great services and good software.  However, it should be noted that not all ERP vendors are equal.  Some can really provide superior software product and excellent technical support services.  So before deciding to purchase an ERP solution, it would be best to survey the market first and do a little investigation on the different ERP applications providers.

First companies can look into the ERP solutions of their competitors.  If their competitors have deployed ERP application for their business processes, it would be best to investigate the matter.  The principle behind this is if the solution worked for them, it could probably work also for others.

Another way of choosing the correct ERP vendor is to shop for the top providers.  Usually ERP market leaders attain their status based on the service they provide and the quality of their ERP software solution.  However, top ERP vendors usually have a higher price tag.  But if a company really wants quality assurance for their ERP deployment, then they should choose the market leaders.

This does not mean however that small ERP players offer below average services.  In fact, some small players could also offer superior ERP applications and technical support services.  Companies can also get a more personalized service through these small ERP vendors.  Some very innovative and useful ERP tools have been developed by these small ERP players which could help companies implement a superior ERP solution.

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