What is AS9100?

AS9100 is generally a quality management system. It is the standard specific to the industry in aerospace. The additional requirements highlight the areas that affects process, the service safety and the dependability of aerospace products. This is intended to meet the complicated and unique standard of aerospace industry. Defense and commercial aviation include numerous requirements to ISO 9001 which led to the refinement of expectations for aerospace suppliers.

What are they key requirements of AS 9100?

Key characteristics are very important to give direction and for managing variation. Keys are qualities of a material, part or process in which the difference has a very important influence on performance, product fit and productivity of service life. Configuration management is very important for support of aerospace products. The configuration management process has to start at the development phase and product design and go on the whole value stream, giving visibility and control the products physical characteristics. Design and development involves a strong design and development procedures to satisfy the needs for safety in aerospace industry. This goes along with the reliability requirements for aerospace.

In managing technical and organizational events consists of managing changes to a configuration item after organizing base configuration and identification of configuration item. The configuration item is the collection of software, hardware, item that is to be considered as a one body. The activities contain clarification of the product structure and recording the configuration items operating and physical properties, which also involves consequent changes and assigning specific identification numbers to configuration items.


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