Every web log created needs a title to represent its identity on the Internet.  Regardless whether this web log was made in another application, you will need to create a title for your blog.  

In WordPress, the title element is such an important factor because it serves as the initial window of the whole web log to all potential readers.  For this reason, coming up with a good, catchy and impressive title is a must.  

There are people who are effortlessly able to create a title in just a snap.  These people are blessed to have innovative talent to instantly build ideas on their heads.  However, to some people, creating a catchy title is seemingly an endless pain that they resort to borrowing ideas and at times relying on techniques and tips of other people.  In which note, the following tips and techniques are being suggested in creating catchy titles:

a.    Know who your prospective readers are.  If you know who you cater, then you can instantly think like them.  Or you can put your self into their situation and begin asking yourself what can make you as a reader feel thrilled and excited when you see the web log title.  
b.    Do not settle on one title, have different options.  One of the more common mistakes of web loggers is settling to a single option.  As a web logger, you need to make sure that you have numerous options that you can study and re-assess in order to have the best choice.  
c.    Learn from others, especially the experts.  People have different ideas to share.  And more often than not, these people have the best ideas compared to you.  It is not degrading to borrow ideas and enhance them yourself.  Show your being genuinely creative by being able to combine several ideas and come up with an impressive one.  

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