You can customize your WordPress login page to change the default graphics.  You can replace it with your own graphics bearing your name and company logo.

For regular blogging, this tweak would not be too important.  For business bloggers however, especially web designers who want to impress their clients, changing the look and feel of the WordPress login page is critical to clinch a web design contract.

Customizing the WordPress login page is also important if you are creating a blog with multiple users.  This could be a corporate WordPress blog where executives and managers maintain a blogging community.  The customized login page will enhance the professional look of their community blog especially if their company logo will be the main feature of the page.

To change the WordPress login graphic, simply go to the root directory of the blog.  Find the wp-admin/images folder.  You can find the default login images in this folder and they are formatted in GIF.  These images are the ones you will replace.

You can now start designing your customized login graphics.  You can use Photoshop to create a GIF image for your login page.  You can also use any other graphic design software for this purpose.

Make sure to compress the image to ensure faster loading.  Do not create an image beyond 30kb file size.  As much as possible, you have to create a customized WordPress login page that loads fast just like the default interface.

Simply replace the images you found in the wp-admin/images folder with your own creation.  Test the site and if it loads correctly, then your work is done.

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