There are web loggers who want to have a web log post that is squeezed in a single page.  This is amazingly possible by creating an index template via archiving your web log entries.  In this way, you can possibly create a one page entry where your links to all your web log entries are forming in an organized pattern as the main page of the web log. With the use of the advanced features of the WordPress 1.5 version of theme system, you can actually make files (templates) to tailor the archive list every time it is being used.  

The use of the archive index in WordPress has been found to be very useful while web loggers are thinking about how they can create a compacted main page on their blog.  And with the recent updates on WordPress version, there was an added feature that allowed the creation of a single page web log entry with links directly archived on a master index template file.

The WordPress 1.5 theme system has on its theme directory a file called archive.php— a simple template that is capable of handling and managing a great number of links and web log entries.  The archive index template is capable of being customized based on one’s choice.  You can either simply put a code onto your WordPress post or use a plug-in in order to facilitate the use of the index template on the archive. With the 1.5+ version of WordPress, the steps to follow in order to create an index template file were made a lot easier.    

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