Most Internet marketers consider landings pages as their cash machines.  That’s because a high converting land page will ensure that online marketers could have a steady stream of multiple incomes from their different online ventures.  In fact, some of the most successful online marketers have earned their first millions by creating excellent landing pages for their online products.

To create a high converting landing page cash machine, online marketers need to consider the most important factor for conversion: highly target market.

A landing page could be highly optimized and could get high quality ranking from search engines.  But these are not assurances that they can become high converting online cash machines.  For example, a highly optimized landing page could rank well on search engines.  This means massive organic traffic for the page.  However, it doesn’t follow that these landing pages will convert the traffic into paying customers.  There are cases of landing pages getting more than 5000 page visits everyday but have very little conversions.  This means lots of money wasted on pay per click campaigns.  

In order to boost conversions, online marketers need to create highly targeted landing pages.  They should not target general search terms for their landing page.  It will only result to lots of spillage in terms of high traffic bounce rates. The landing page therefore should be optimized for very specific search terms that are being used by online buyers.  In this way, marketers can ensure that their page visitors will surely buy what they offer on their landing pages.

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