In order to correctly define enterprise architecture, the enterprise architect and corporate executives must have a common understanding of the company s business requirements and strategic objectives.  Having a common language in these areas could make enterprise architecture definition a lot easier.  The enablers of enterprise architecture must communicate to the architect the current practices and systems of the company.  The enterprise architect on the other hand must give a conceptual framework of the planned enterprise architecture and its impact on the organization, processes, and business technologies of the company.  Through this process, definition of the enterprise architecture would be clear to all concerned parties because expectations, limitations and targets have been threshed out. 

Enterprise architecture definition involves setting goals that will serve business needs.  These goals usually are the long term objectives of the corporate architectural reengineering.  Realization of these goals should be set well within the implementation of the enterprise architecture implementation. Goals may include the adoption of new technologies that can replace the old data and information systems.  It should also pinpoint the business processes that will be targeted for reengineering.  Information systems, enterprise collaboration, and business intelligence must be part of the targeted functions that will be transformed during the implementation of enterprise architecture. 

Part of enterprise architecture definition is the set-up and deployment of necessary technologies to handle the transformation process.  These technologies will be the main tools of the enterprise architect in the implementation of EA plan and design.  These steps are necessary procedures so that the enterprise architecture can succeed.

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