Software as a service or saas goes by many names.  It is also called hosted application, application service provider, hosted solutions, and a lot more.  These terms however only mean one thing: saas is a method of delivering a computer program to users using the Internet.  This could well be the simplest definition of software as a service or saas.

To elaborate further, software as a service means that the computer application being used by the customer is hosted remotely using the servers and infrastructure of the service provider.  The service could include a single application or a suite of different applications.  Data storage is also provided by the saas company as well as the necessary technical support and maintenance of the program.

The customer on the other hand must subscribe to the service.  A regular fee is paid monthly, annually or in some cases on a pay per use basis.  The customer should also possess a computer console, a web browser and a reliable Internet connection. 

Upon payment of the subscription fee, the customer can instantly use the program.  The service provider on the other hand is responsible in delivering fast uptimes, prompt technical support, and regular upgrades and patches to avoid bugs and software glitches.

This software service business model is getting popular among start up businesses and small industries.  Saas can provide cheap computing solution and total flexibility on software use which is very important for modern businesses and enterprises.  Information about saas abounds on the Internet and these could be very helpful in guiding the customer in choosing the best saas provider.

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