The Microsoft SQL Server software was created and developed that contained on its engine several patches for potential downtime and software issues that may be encountered along the way in using it.  There are times that the system shall fail and data needs to be recovered before the failure. Or there are instances when the database serves has bugged down and you are left with only working server on the other end.  These and all are some of the issues that are realistically being encountered by the users of the SQL Server.  The patch that Microsoft has made is known as the clustering.  

Clustering is the technology patch that was developed by Microsoft that was incorporated on the SQL Server engine that is automatically programmed to permit the working server to take charge on the activities that are being performed by the other server which bugged down and failed.  This patch is obviously made for critical activities that need not be stopped or halted down just because the system went down.  It is highly expensive for a company to take any downtime on their system that is why this kind of a mechanism is significantly needed.

The SQL Server Clustering talks about two or more servers usually referred to as nodes that are jointly working together as a single and virtually connected server via the network.  This is working under the influence of virtualized mode so that anyone who uses the “single server” thinks and connects to only a single server but in reality there are two working servers on that line.  

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