It is the desire of every website owner to make their visitors become satisfied with the contents that they come across on your website.  The objective of producing highly satisfied visitors is to turn these into regular customers.  This marketing strategy has been long running and keeping this principle has made a lot of online businesses survive very long in the online industry.  

As claimed, it is a lot easier said than done when we would like to produce a satisfied visitor.  Much more that it becomes difficult when we are able to put a claim that we have earned the loyalty of this satisfied customer.  However, no matter how difficult this can be, trying these basic steps will somehow help:

a.    When a visitor gets into the site, make sure that you give the right amount of content.  It is the fundamental reason of every visitor to find something worthwhile on the website.  Do not waste the time of visitor by giving him or her nonsense and irrelevant content as this usually pulls away loyal customer.  
b.    Do not force visitors to leave any personal information like e-mail address as part of your e-mail marketing plan.  When a visitor is being forced to leave any personal information, he usually remembers that incident on that site.  This gives him a bad experience about your site, thus forcing, him to not visit your website the next time.
c.    Give some freebies.  A website visitor always enjoys the feeling of being appreciated by all the freebies that he or she receives from you.  It is more likely that he or she will remember your website if a good freebie was handed to him or her.  

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