Microsoft Word has a lot of functionalities and tools that even common users do not know about. One of these is the presence of metadata tool. Metadata stores information on when, how, where, and who created a certain document. It may also be able to store other important information on how the document was done like the erased paragraphs, the added images, and the pasted sentences.

The metadata tool may be helpful in properly managing files and even retrieving lost files. However, metadata can also be used to acquire sensitive information about the document’s creator. Fortunately, there are number of ways on how to protect the creator from disclosing important information through the stored metadata.

One way to ensure a secured making of Word document is turning off the Fast Save functionality of the program. This specific feature allows fast saving up of documents through saving only the changes made to a certain document. But this function may also store up the deleted portions in the document. To turn the Fast Save off, the user should go to the Tools menu and select Options. The Save tab should be selected and he should clear the check box “allow fast saves.”

Turning off the tool called Track Changes can also help the user be protected from revealing important information about him. This tool can be turned off through the Tools menu. The user can also remove his personal information saved in the document through the Tools menu, then selecting the Options and Security tab. In the Privacy option, the “remove personal information from file properties on save” should be clicked OK.

The user can also use the add-in tool known as Remove Hidden Data to easily delete all the hidden comments and text in a certain document.

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