Blogging is a social activity and if you cannot generate user comments for your posts, then something might be wrong with your blog.  If you always see the number 0 in your WordPress comment box or link, then it’s about time to solve your problem.

To increase the numbers in your WordPress comment box, you need to carefully choose a topic you will blog about.  You can venture into controversial and touchy topics.  Make sure you include your opinion and a counter opinion in your post.  

The best way to generate comments for controversial topics is to draw in the readers.  At the end of your post, you can pose a question or simply encourage the reader to give their opinions.

This will elicit comments from users.  You will certainly notice a jump in the number of users posting their own views on your WordPress comment box.

Another way to ensure that you get lots of comments for your articles is to disable the ‘allow comments from registered users only’ tool.  Just uncheck this option from your blog’s global settings.  

This may elicit some spam comments but the WordPress anti-spam functionality is quite powerful.  You can trust this tool to filter legitimate comments from spam comments.

You should also try to post comments on other blogs.  Don’t forget to tell other blog owners to visit your site and post their comments on your blog.  This is blog networking which could increase comments in your WordPress blog.  

Text posted in your WordPress comment box forms part of your content.  Be creative in getting lots of comments from readers to improve the performance of your blog.

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