Before embarking on a campaign, advertisers need to compare and contrast different landing pages on their niche market.  They should also browse the sites or blogs of expert SEO practitioners that provide landing page examples.  In this way, online marketers can determine the landing page practices of their competitors.  

One of the best ways to find a good landing page example is to make a look-up on search engines for search terms related to the landing page niche.  Online marketers should choose landing pages that rank excellently on search engines.  They can pick up some good lessons in design and optimization techniques from these landing pages.  

Software vendors can also provide good landing page examples.  Usually, they have online brochures and design lists showcasing their landing pages.  It is best to study these designs and the features available on the landing pages before buying the application.  Landing page software can really help online marketers.  They should be very careful however in selecting which application offers the best landing page features.

An online forum for Internet marketers can also provide some of the best examples of landing pages.  Members of such forums often link their landing pages on their signature links.  By visiting these landing pages, online marketers could learn what to do or what not to do on their own landing pages.  

To create the best landing page, online marketers need to research their competitor’s best practices.  In this way, they can improve their landing pages in order to gain an edge in Internet marketing.

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