Perhaps one of the most popular reading materials on the Internet today is an AdWords book.  The popularity of AdWords and the penchant of online business owners to participate in this program, have led many Internet marketing authors to write voluminous books on AdWords techniques, secrets, and on almost any imaginable topic that relates to AdWords campaigns.

But for every AdWords book published online, eight of them would be purely rubbish and only the remaining two could be considered a gem for AdWords campaign.  That is why advertisers shouldn’t rashly buy every AdWords book available on the market.  There are several things that should be considered in order to get the gem AdWords book out of the tons of rubbish being published everyday.  

First, knowing who authored the AdWords book is a first important step in determining its quality.  An AdWords book should be written by an industry leader or an established thought leader on Internet marketing campaigns.  To determine who these people are, it is best to research Internet marketing forums and communities.  These sites publish the names of top Internet marketing gurus.  

Second, the book should contain not generalities or motherhood phrases on AdWords but real and practical solutions for optimizing online advertising campaigns using the program.  The AdWords book should have a step by step guide that could walk the readers on the intricacies of the Google program.  

Lastly, the AdWords book should contain added value tips and methodologies on other optimization techniques for the AdWords campaign.  These trade techniques would be very valuable for advertisers in their own campaigns.

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