Visio Enterprise Architects or VEA is a component plug-in application and included in Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Enterprise Architect edition.  It can be used as a utility to design and create enterprise architectures.  The use of the application simplifies the programming aspect of enterprise architecture by the improved ability to create dynamic diagrams and organizational flow charts integrated with corporate data and information. 

An IT program developer can do three things using Visio Enterprise Architects that could improve productivity and fast track the development of enterprise architecture.  First, through the VEA application, data that are needed to support the diagramming features of the program can be collated by sourcing it from different databases.  Visio Enterprise Architects application is fully capable of interfacing with server programs to access data and displays it on a VEA environment. 

Second, Visio Enterprise architects can also deploy the data to analytics software or analysis manager programs.  Data can be converted into useful information that will be integrated into the design of a Visio Enterprise Architects project.  Once meaningful information has been generated, it could be stored as a specific feature of the enterprise architecture environment that can be useful in the overall design.

And last, the program developer can now visualize the data through creation of specific information flow chart or graph diagramming it to show connections and relationships of each individual unit.  The good thing about this part is it can be fully automated to generate set diagrams for the purpose of engineering enterprise architecture.

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