“Oh my God?! Did I pass the exam?” This is the most common expression that you will hear from exam takers. It is a mind-boggling experience to face all those tough questions and review each answer one by one before submitting the exam paper. But it is even more nerve wracking to wait for the exam results to come out, get your final score and determine if you achieved the ultimate goal of getting a passing mark.

One of the most in demand certification nowadays is for Service Oriented Architecture or SOA. Successful candidates who have passed the exams will be declared experts, possessing the important skills and knowledge needed to implement SOA solutions to a business enterprise.

To be a candidate to take the SOA certification, one must have at least a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or related courses. He / She must have a sound knowledge of technical designs, exposed to architecting system designs and involved himself / herself in developing distributed systems. He / she must also have taken and passed certification exams from the past that are pre-requisites for the SOA certification exam.

SOA exams cover basic concepts and standards, from general architecture practices to service life cycle and governance. There are also free exam certification reviews that one can take to test his or her knowledge about SOA and how prepared he / she is. Once done, SOA exam results are usually posted online. Certified passers will then be able to work as assistants while given the appropriate guidance by the enterprise architecture team.

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