What are the present requirements for certification? The requirements before one can become an accredited CISSP are not that easy to gain. The requirements establish how skillful within the area of Information System Security a candidate for certification actually is. The years of experience that were formally required to gain this CISSP accreditation, was changed on October 1, 2007. From just four years, now you are required to undergo five years of experience  (concerning at least two or more out of the ten domains of CISSP) before you are granted CISSP status. Another requirement you have to submit is the required documentation to prove you have managed to pass the CISSP, SSCP or CAP test. This means you must have your qualifications endorsed by another ISC2 accredited professional. This new requirement will not affect CISSP examiners who undertook their exam earlier than October 1, 2007.

The intellectual attainment you need to have achieved should include having earned a college degree or a liberal education; having continuously done work that involves habitual memory; have taken on managing other employees or projects; know how to supervise your own effort while supervising others; know how to implement management decision making, with emphasis on discretion and judgment; know how to implement ethical judgment; possess skills in oral communication and creative writing; know how to instruct, train and mentor others; have undergone development and research; know how to specify and select mechanisms and controls (such as authentication and identification of technology); and be currently in a position such as director, officer, leader, manager, analyst, supervisor, cryptologist, designer, cryptanalyst, cryptographer, engineer, architect, professor, instructor, consultant, investigator, representative, and salesman. Though the titles of operator or coder are often excluded, these are all included as part of the mandatory CISSP professional experience.

Subscribing to the ISC-2 Code of Ethics is another requirement before you can be permitted to take the CISSP examination. You need to submit documents that includes one year of professional experience in education (such as 4 year degree course or Masters Degree); and/or one year of professional experience where you attained credentials in other ISC2 approved list, before you can be considered qualified for a maximum of two years waiver of professional experience.

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