You thought it would never happen to you and your organization, but it did: disaster has struck and now
the integrity of the hard disk in your computer (as well as that of many other people in the same
organization) has been struck hard. So what do you do now?

Embarking on a Disaster IT Plan Recovery effort actually starts long before the actual disaster strikes – b
because the value of any Disaster IT Plan Recovery effort lies in adequate preparation and foresight. That
is why certain IT professionals take time out to train in Disaster Recovery – not just to add to their long list
of credentials, but to be able to help their organizations prepare and prepare well for any potential disaster.
It may be expensive but at least the IT systems in your organization stand to have a fighting chance at life
this way.

If you have been hit by an IT disaster and are now scrambling for a Disaster Recovery expert who can
shoot the magic bullet and retrieve your data for you, there is still a chance that such a Disaster Recovery
specialist can be found if you act quickly enough. It all depends on the cause of the disaster.

Any Disaster Recovery guide, though, will tell you that your Discovery Recovery efforts should always
start with detailed and careful planning. If nobody in your organization knows anything about Disaster
Recovery and how to create a thorough and pertinent plan to protect then retrieve affected data, then
invest in training real quick. It’s for your own protection.


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