Customer complaints can be nightmare for business owners. Managing problems on customer relations is a tough job that requires a lot of patience and implementing right decisions. Companies should look at the brighter side when customer complaints arise. They need to understand that is better to deal with complaints than just hear negative comments from other customers who did not bother to complain. This is far worse because these bad comments can spread to other potential clients. Dealing with customer complaints right away is the essential key to maintain a good relationship with customers.

How to deal with it?

1. First, try to solve the problem of customers. This can be done by giving their money back, repairing the damaged unit or exchanging the item to another product. 2. Companies can also provide an incentive to make sure that customers are satisfied and will come back to avail the companys services. 3. Make sure that same problems will not happen again. Learning from the experience is very important to prevent the same things from happening. This is also an opportunity for companies to examine if there is something that need to be improved in their system. 4. Lastly, company should appease the customer by apologizing. In customer complaints, it is necessary to respond in a rueful manner. Being defensive will not solve the problem. In fact it will even worsen the case.

In dealing with customer complaints, being calm and having a positive attitude is vital to solve any argument and client dissatisfaction. Always respond amicably to prevent any further complaint from the client.  

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