How to Identify Six Sigma Projects

Correct identification of projects for Six Sigma solutions can significantly improve company efficiency. Six Sigma projects in every important functions of a company can resolve defects on its business processes.  Elimination of these defects can lower costs of production and delivery of products and services.  It can also improve customer satisfaction because their product needs can be delivered at the right time and according to their specifications. The improvements made through Six Sigma projects can eventually help in realizing the long term strategic goals of a company.

Chief executives of companies and senior key personnel should properly identify which company function should undergo Six Sigma business solutions.  It must be noted that Six Sigma projects should not be implemented across the board covering all functions of the company at the same time.  Specific areas or important departments should be targeted so that Six Sigma business solutions can achieve focus.  Projects can be implemented on important functions such as company financials and accounting, human resources, manufacturing and production, sales and customer services, supplies and deliveries of products, information technology, and quality control.

In identifying Six Sigma projects, companies should clearly define what processes need improvement.  Projects should have concrete and tangible targets in resolving problem areas.  In this way, Six Sigma experts can easily map development plans and corrective actions.  It is important to understand also that projects must not deploy predetermined solutions.  All solutions should be the result of careful planning and constant evaluations of the process.  Out of these, control mechanisms should be implemented so that defects in the business process can be eliminated.


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