Google Gadgets can enhance the look and feel of your websites.  You can add these gadgets to your websites or blogs to provide more tools and functionalities for your visitors.

These Google gadgets can also be used on your iGoogle home page.  Just set the iGoogle as your browser home page and select any gadget listed on it.  You can simply drag and drop the gadgets to arrange them according to your needs.

If you want to add Google Gadgets to your websites, then you have to select a specific gadget you want.  After selecting a gadget, you need to click the Add to Webpage button.  You will get an HTML code for your chosen Google gadget.

Copy this code and use your website editor to edit your web page.  Paste your HTML code to any part of your site and upload the edited page to your hosting server.  Your gadget is now ready to use.

If you’re using a WYSIWYG editor for creating web page, you can resize the inserted Google Gadget from the standard view of your editor.  Simply select the gadget and drag the resize tool to get the size you want.  This will not affect the basic function of your gadget.

There are hundreds of Google Gadgets you can use.  You can see a detailed list of gadgets on the iGoogle page.  These gadgets are free to use and you can also easily remove them on your websites.  

Your visitors will surely enjoy their stay on your websites if you place excellent Google Gadgets on your pages.

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