You can use a WordPress YouTube plugin to automatically download and import YouTube videos in your WordPress blog.  This free open source plugin is appropriately called TubePress, a contraction of YouTube and WordPress.

Installing the WordPress YouTube plugin is just like installing any other plugin.  There is a downloadable file of the plugin.  You can extract this file on your server and activate the plugin.

You can customize which YouTube video category can be displayed on your blog.  You can also specify what video to import.

If you are using a free WordPress blog hosting, you cannot upload this plugin to your blog.  What you can do is to include a YouTube video in your post.  You can also simply post a YouTube video without a text article.  

Here are the simple steps in posting a YouTube video to your free WordPress blog.

First, go to the YouTube website and select which video you want to post in your blog.  Click on the video thumbnail display and grab the URL of the video.  You can find this URL below the video description or right under the large video player in YouTube.

Second, log-in to your WordPress account and create a new post.  Find the add-video button in your WordPress post toolbar.  Click on it and you will be prompted to enter the URL of the YouTube video.

After adding the video and providing its URL information, click the insert into post button.  The YouTube video is now ready for publication.  You may want to include a few commentaries on the video.  This is not required though and you can simply hit the publish button to make your video post go live.

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